Watch Modding 101: 5 Basic Tips in Watch Modification

Watch modification, also known as modding, has become a popular subculture in the world of watch collecting. The procedure can offer a chance to construct a watch with your preferences. Although watches in the market are good enough, modding provides a way to personalise watches to match the user’s style and personality.

If you’re planning to mod a watch for the first time, what do you need to learn about it? Is it only about changing the parts, or is there more than mixing and matching tiny pieces on a watch face? Here are some tips you need to know about watch modifications.

  1. Mod Based on Parts

Since modding is changing some or most parts to fit the desired outcome, it’s better to change a watch’s look or performance based on the parts you have right now. Depending on the desired result, try modding the most noticeable features first—the crystal, watch hands, day wheels, or anything other people might see first.

  1. Mod a Knockoff

Modding an original equipment manufacturer or OEM watches might be a better option, especially for beginners. The process of modding increases the risk of a broken watch. It might be best to experiment with a cheaper but similar-looking watch compared to your dream watch if you’re starting out. However, make sure that if you’re getting an OEM for practice, buy it at a price that’s not too expensive, or else you’re only wasting money on a fake item.

  1. Maintain Your Watches

A simple cleanup isn’t going to benefit a modded watch. It’s essential to give it a thorough clean once in a while. Maybe even try to lube the gears after a few months of continuous use. If you’re planning to keep it looking brand new, invest in casings to keep your watch safe while preventing it from collecting dust or getting exposed to direct sunlight.

For those planning to mod a diver’s watch, the water resistance feature is probably the watch’s best asset. After modding, still follow the watch’s limitations underwater to prevent it from getting damaged. If possible, avoid using it near bodies of water just to be sure. 

  1. Invest in the Right Tools

You will need many tools to get the job done. However, finding the right tools for modifying small devices nowadays isn’t too tricky. For starters, you can buy a basic watch repair kit that contains all of the essential tools needed in watch modification. There are basic watch repair kits sold on amazon. They are cheap but functional. Once you get to the more complex projects, you might want to invest in other tools, such as a spring bar tool or a case back opener.

  1. Try Experimenting

Watch modding offers various opportunities to change a watch’s look. However, it also offers a way to improve the device’s performance overall. If you’re into watches, you should try modding them even once. You’ll never know how great your watches can become if you wouldn’t try. However, take it one step at a time. Watch modding can become as expensive as buying a new look. Start with cheap items, then progress as you gain experience later on.


Watch modding is a fun, exciting experience. It gives watch enthusiasts the leeway and freedom to express themselves through simple changes on a small timepiece. However, keep in mind that modding is addicting. A lot of the fun comes from planning the projects well. If you’re into exercising your creativity once in a while, try jumping into the world of watch modding today.

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