Watch-Modding Jargons That All Enthusiasts Should Know

If you’re only a beginner in the watch-modding hobby, you need to familiarise yourself with the different jargons enthusiasts know and use. There is so much to learn about the craft and the interest in watch-modding itself, and most articles you’ll read will be using this jargon. Therefore, learning them is essential. 

Watch-modding specific jargon allows people to identify, communicate and talk about the hobby within groups of watch collectors. Here is some jargon you need to know:

  1. Automatic

An automatic watch or a self-winding watch is a mechanism that runs without manually winding it while being worn on the wrist. This technology is possible because the mainspring, a watch component, is used as storage for mechanical power.

When worn, a mechanical watch’s rotor will continuously rotate and wind the mainspring as long as you move your wrist throughout the day. It provides the energy your watch needs to keep running.

  1. Chronograph

A chronograph watch is a timepiece that functions as a stopwatch, with a central seconds hand that stays static until activated via a pusher. Its mechanism tracks seconds until you want to stop by pressing its toggle a second time. Most chronograph watches today feature subdials to track minutes and hours.

  1. Case and Caseback

A case is the watch’s main body, where the movement, dial, hands, crystal, bezel and lugs are located. The case is also where the strap is attached to hold the watch together and complete it.

On the other hand, a case back is the hind part of the case, which protects the watch’s mechanism. It is often removed if you want to gain access to the movement. This component comes in either solid or for exhibition, allowing viewers to see the movement better.

  1. Bezel

The bezel is the watches’ component found around the crystal. There are numerous bezels for different watch types. For instance, sterile bezels match the case material, ornamental bezels add design and functional bezels add healful features, like markings for tracking a second time zone.

  1. Crystal

The crystal is a transparent material used to protect the watch’s hands and the dial. The crystal is typically made out of sapphire, plexiglass, or mineral glass since they effectively prevent damage like minor scratches on the watch’s face.

  1. Crown

The crown is a dial that protrudes from the case. It is used to set the time through winding and can also be used to change the date. The crown is situated on the right side of the case, toggled through a push, pull, or screw-down function. The latter of the three helps with the watch’s water resistance.

  1. Dial

The dial or the face is where the watch’s hands and indices display the time. It is also where you can locate important information, including the watch’s branding and model.

  1. Bracelet

The bracelet is the metal watch strap often made of removable links made from the same material as the case. They are attached to the wrist with a clasp, then attached to the case with spring bars.


Learning jargon is needed for every hobby. They help communicate with other enthusiasts to understand things related to the activity. Jargon allows people with the same interests to talk about their love without mistaking it for something else.

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