Watch Parts 101: What a Watch Crown Is and How to Replace It

Watch modding or collecting is a hobby, and being the new kid on the block may be challenging. 

You may be eager to get started and understand the ins and outs of growing your watch collection, but you are not sure where to begin. A good watch knowledge base starts with knowing the fundamental watch parts. In this article, we’ll focus on an essential watch component: the crown.

If you want to discover flaws in your watch rapidly, you must first understand how all of the elements of a watch case should appear and work. Because it protrudes from the edge of the watch case, the crown is especially vulnerable to damage.

To learn precisely what a wristwatch crown is and how you can replace a faulty one, keep reading!

What Is a Watch Crown?

Watch crowns are the tiny knobs on the side of your watch that are often made of metal. Most come in a circular shape, with machined lines going across the breadth to enhance grip.

The Purpose of a Watch Crown

To begin, a crown can be used to set or adjust the time on a watch. When you turn the crown, the hands of the clock go around. Pull out the crown and rotate it till you are satisfied with the outcome.

Second, watch crowns can be used to wind mechanical timepieces. This is required since they do not create power through wrist movement. Winding automatic watches with the crown is also feasible, albeit it is not always essential.

Finally, you may use the crown to change the features on the watch dial. For example, you can modify the moon phase, the day/date display or the stopwatch function.

Why You Need a Watch Crown Replacement

If the crown of your watch is cracked or damaged, you can easily replace it for a low cost. If you want to update the look of your timepiece, changing the crown will breathe new life into it.

How to Replace a Watch Crown

Watch repair companies will open the case back and remove the stem and crown from the mechanism. They’ll replace the steam and crown with new ones and reattach them to the casing.

Cost and Turnaround Time

A stem and crown replacement might cost as little as $50 or as much as $300. Repairing more expensive brands with unique designs, like Longines or Vacheron Constantin, will need more effort and even brand-specific components.

Turnaround time for simple timepieces is generally two to three days. However, unusual models will take a longer time for the jeweller to locate the required replacement components.

You know how to facilitate a watch crown replacement now! An expert watchmaker can repair your watch to working order, whether it’s the stem, the crown or both.

How to Protect Your Watch Crown

As you can see, the crown is a very susceptible element of a watch. As a result, it is not surprising that many watch designers have opted to put safeguards in place to preserve its condition better.

There are various methods to protect the crown from scratches or other forms of damage, such as encasing it in a layer of metal.

Other watchmakers, such as Seiko, have positioned their crown at 4 o’clock to protect both the crown and the watch wearer. This is a clever concept because it is not something you need to get too often, but it can get in the way, become damaged or rub your wrist throughout everyday usage!

As you can see, there’s a lot more to this little knob known as the crown than you would have thought.


The crown is an essential element of a timepiece since it allows you to change the time, modify the functions and wind the watch. Without it, we’d be lost!

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