Brand Protection: 4 Ways to Avoid Fake Seiko SKX Watches

Seiko is an iconic watch brand renowned for its precision and durability. Their watches have been highly sought after for decades and have many styles. One of their most popular models is the SKX series of dive watches, which are highly sought after by divers and watch collectors worldwide.

Unfortunately, many counterfeit versions of SKX watches have been produced, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake models. While there are many well-known ways to distinguish original and counterfeit SKX watches, the differences are barely noticeable and can make unsuspecting buyers choose them. To help you avoid these fake SKX watches, here are some practical tips:

#1 – Inspect the Lugs

The lugs on a watch are vital because they attach the watch strap to the watch. They should be the same size on both sides and be symmetrical. Fake SKX watches have holes drilled into the lugs on the outside, whereas genuine SKX watches do not have any holes or drills on the outside.

#2 – Inspect Case Back’s Engravings

The numbers and text on a fake Seiko SKX watch may appear too thin and too large, while the genuine watch has thicker and larger inscriptions. Additionally, the main and curved text on the replica watches is too thick, while the same text on the authentic watch is thinner.

The genuine watch has thinner text for its inscriptions, while the counterfeit watch has thicker text. This difference in text thickness helps us identify which watch is real or fake.

#3 – Look for the Circle on the Seconds Hand

A watch’s second hand is one of the fundamental components because it allows us to tell the time. On genuine Seiko SKX watches, the second hand has a small circle at the end. This circle is not present on the fake watches. Therefore, if the watch you are examining does not have this circle, it is likely a fake.

#4 – Inspect the Date’s Alignment on Your Seiko SKX Watch

A fake Seiko SKX watch can be identified due to the misalignment of the day and date text. The text on the replica watch is thin and crooked, while the text on the genuine watch is thicker and in a straight line. On the other hand, an authentic Seiko SKX watch has its “SUN 8” text printed in a way that looks thicker and more defined than the text on the fake watch. This text is also perfectly aligned with the top and bottom lines of the rectangular patch it sits in.

Is a Seiko SKX Watch Worth It?

Many people do not choose to have a Seiko SKX watch because they think it is not worth the money. However, Seiko watches are known for their quality and reliability, and the Seiko SKX is no exception. It is an excellent watch for everyday wear, and it is well-built and designed to last for years. The Seiko SKX is also great for the money because it offers water resistance, reliable movement, and a classic design. Variants like the SKX009 and SKX013 also expand on these features, such as a 200-metre water resistance instead of the usual 100.

If you want to ensure your SKX suits you, you can modify it to your liking. You can purchase aftermarket parts to customise your SKX, such as a new bezel, dial, hands, and strap, to make your Seiko SKX watch unique and reflect your style.


A Seiko SKX watch is worthwhile because it can last long, but you must get an authentic variant to ensure it lasts. Counterfeit products are common and can be cheaper, but they are less reliable and may not last as long. Because of this, you should get your SKX watch from a reputable seller to ensure you get an authentic product.

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