Welcome Back EU Family!

We’ve been working hard for months now on finding a smooth and seamless way to ship to EU countries from our UK facility, and we are excited to announce it is finally available!

It’s been tough not having shipping available for our EU family, but after months of setting up systems that will work long term we are ready to go! We’ve been directing EU customers to our eBay shop in the mean time, but now you have the choice between eBay and seikomods.com

To ensure a smooth and trouble free delivery to the EU we are now IOSS registered for all EU countries. Our IOSS registration will mean a trouble free delivery with no further charges to the customer. EU purchase value limits – Please note your order depending on the value will be split in some instances into two or more packages we have absorbed some of this postage cost. If your order is £125 max it is one package, £250 two packages, £375 three packages, £500 four packages. This ensures the customer will have no import tax liability for orders above 150 Euro. See table below.

  • Tier 1: Maximum order £125 – Postage £11.90
  • Tier 2: Maximum order £250 – Postage £18
  • Tier 3: Maximum order £375 – Postage £27
  • Tier 4: Maximum order £500 – Postage £36

Service used Royal Mail IOSS International Service with tracking.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at info@seikomods.com

All the very best,

SeikoMods Team

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