What Makes the Seiko SKX007 Beater Watch Stand Out

While you won’t come across A Seiko SKX007 at a million-dollar auction, this Seiko timepiece bears an allure that some high-end products don’t have. High above in terms of relevance, the Seiko SKX007 dons a type of “beater” image, unlike timepieces famed for being rare chronographs or luxury pieces. 

The SKX007 doesn’t have to be adorned in precious metals and crystals to be on a watch enthusiast’s list of must-have products. Find out why this beater watch is the talk of the town. 

Why is a Beater Diver Watch Unique?

Since Seiko introduced it to its fan base of millions, the SK007 has been hailed as a go-to for all types of watch-wearers. But why? Firstly, the SKX007 is reliable. Playfully called a “poor man’s Submariner,” the SKX007 has a rugged charm that you won’t find anywhere else—and you can wear it often. 

If you love a little adventure, you can take the SKX007 diving, skiing, or whatever extreme sports pique your interest without having to worry about scuffs, cracks, or fading. This Nippon timepiece is sturdier than it appears to be—perfect for wearing without a care in the world. 

A Quick Look Behind the History of the SKX007

The Seiko SXK007 came to be in 1996 under the 7S26 series. Since then, it has been considered a step up from its predecessor, the 7002, once known for its 17-jewel caliber, stunning diver’s aesthetic, and attractive price tag. 

The SKX007 boasts an impressive pedigree, with components from Seiko’s first mechanical diver watch, the 62MAS. The SKX007 also takes after the well-known and loved Turtle series. It further borrows from the look of the 7002 and 6309-7290, though it slims down in design for a less fussy, more comfortable wearing experience. 

The Seiko SKX007 was one of the first of its kind to receive ISO certification, providing an ever-dependable user experience. Thanks to this certification, it was the first timepiece developed according to ISO 6425, a rigorous template that allows manufacturers to create products for actual scuba diving use.

If you love to bask under the seaside sun and dive into deep waters, the SKX007 is a watch you need to have. 

The SKX007’s Best Features

The SKX007’s most impressive feature is its ability to withstand up to 200 m of water resistance. If you’re an avid scuba diver—or enjoy the occasional snorkel—this timepiece isn’t going to disappoint. 

Its distinct face design makes it uniquely and noticeably Seiko, which a lot of loyalists love. It also boasts an impressive LumiBrite solution, which looks incredible under low light. An overall versatile watch, the SKX077 is very moddable and looks excellent with strap replacements. Whether you’re a fan of stainless steel or rubber, the SKX007 will complement your look effortlessly. 


If you’re looking to expand your watch collection, the Seiko SX007 deserves to be part of it. For regular beach-goers and water sports enthusiasts, the SKX007 will hardly disappoint. 
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