What Makes the Seiko Watch Brand So Unique and Special

In the world of watchmaking, one of the most popular names that every watch lover will know or at least have heard of is Seiko. Seiko, a part of the Seiko Watch Corporation, specializes in creating high-quality watches that are affordable. In other words, Seiko offers high-end watches that fit anyone’s budget, and that is one of the biggest reasons Seiko is such a famous watch brand today. Another reason Seiko is so popular is that they offer some models, such as the SKX007, that are quite big in the watch modding world.

Today, we’re going to delve deeper into the Seiko brand, talking about what makes them so special and unique compared to other brands out there:

The History of Seiko

When Swiss brands were tearing their hair out trying to produce the most expensive and luxurious watches, Seiko was doing quite the opposite. Yes, they still produce high-quality timepieces, but “most expensive” isn’t part of their dictionary. Seiko offers many high-quality watches of various types, many of which are placed at reasonable prices. Of course, Seiko also has other brands like the Grand Seiko and Credor brands, all part of the Seiko Watch Corporation. These brands focus on high-end luxury watches that compete with high-end Swiss brands. Meanwhile, Seiko itself enjoys the other portion of the market, the portion where people are simply looking for affordable, high-quality watches, with the main focus being innovation.

Iconic Seiko Watches

Seiko has come up with several iconic watches that truly reflected Seiko’s focus on innovation throughout the years. It includes the Seiko Marvel from 1956, the watch that boasts something called the “magic lever” that increases winding efficiency. A few years later, in 1964, Seiko released the first Japanese chronograph, which would later get a new remake in 2019 to celebrate its 55th anniversary. Just one year after the first Japanese chronograph was released, Seiko released the first Seiko Diver watches, a line that people worldwide would come to love.

Thanks to their unrelenting efforts in innovation, Seiko was also the first brand to ever utilize something we all commonly refer to as the “quartz watch.” In fact, it sparked a revolution simply because of how amazingly accurate the quartz movement got, and Seiko showcased this fantastic movement in their 1969 Seiko Quartz Astron. 

Following the introduction of the quartz movement, Seiko would continue to introduce other movements such as the spring drive movement and the kinetic movement. Such movements were implemented in many of their watches, even in their luxury brand Grand Seiko watches. Recently, in 2012, Seiko introduced a significant innovation in the Astron GPS Solar. It uses solar power to power the watch and GPS to adjust the time depending on the wearer’s location.


As you can see, there is just so much to love about the Seiko brand, and all that is to love about it is what makes Seiko so unique. Everything from their focus on innovation to affordability has made the brand famous worldwide. With that, Seiko continues to produce incredible watches even up to today, and it won’t be surprising to see Seiko come up with something radical and groundbreaking in the future. If you’re a watch lover, you can’t go wrong with grabbing a Seiko watch, or a watch from any of their other brands, such as the Grand Seiko. They all offer great watches you can genuinely enjoy, and you’ll find yourself indeed in awe at what the watches have to offer.

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