What Seiko Did Right in the Cutthroat Timepiece World

Seiko watches are more than what people think they are. True horological enthusiasts know that the Japanese watchmaker creates timepieces that are more than what meets the eye. Initial glances show these as unassuming timepieces that are known for being inadvertently cheap—but this is more than an accident. With over a century of master craftsmanship, the watchmaker has since discovered its niche.

Seiko has grown to be a dominant force in a class it calls its own: a timepiece that is loaded with features, for a fraction of the price that a Swiss luxury brand would sell theirs. This is why people say that these timepieces are for the true watch lovers who know amazing engineering when they see it. Instead of embracing the hype and constantly bumping up the prices as time goes by, the Japanese behemoth constantly sticks to their ethos of providing affordable and quality watches for the people.

How Seiko Has Developed That Distinct Name In The 21st Century

While many people recognize a Rolex or an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak on the wrist of an esteemed businessman, Seiko watches have one thing going for them. Compared to seeing the usual successful person donning the likes of a GMT II or a Submariner, you may see someone rocking a “black label” watch on the internet or elsewhere on the street.

It is highly likely that this person is wearing a customized Seiko running the specification that he wanted it to have. While you could do this with the bigger luxury brands, these modifications may cost you a fortune that can be up to twice the price you paid for the base watch. Reserved for the filthy rich and the powerful figures, timepieces that are customized with the biggest rocks, the finest gold, and other expensive materials are way out of the ordinary person’s range.

Seiko’s mod parts market has filled this gap, creating a field that has allowed practically anyone to buy a quality timepiece, like the famous SKX007, and slap a bunch of parts one wants onto it. Through this, people can achieve a timeless style with their Seikos—with some even replicating GMT Masters, Submariners, and Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms.

Personal Expression Is Omnipresent

A person’s accessories say a lot about the kind of person they are. The same can be said about what kind of watch a person wears.

You may have probably heard people calling the Rolex a “gold-standard for success,” signifying that someone wearing one of these pieces has “made it.” When you see someone with a personalized Seiko SKX007 with a nice bezel, chapter ring, dial, and other nice Seiko mod parts, you probably know this man wants to be set apart from the rest.

Of course, it is bad to assume—but one thing is for sure, a person wearing a watch always has a story behind what they wear.

There Is Freedom To Do What You Want With It

It is the year 2020, after all—and fashion trends basically do not exist. If you want to customize your Seiko dive watch to look like an amalgamation of some weird colors, there’s no one to tell you that you cannot do that. Style is just a guide, but it doesn’t exactly need to be followed! What’s important is that you love what you wear—which can easily be done through the numerous Seiko mod parts available in the market today.


Seiko has always been known for its amazing features that come retrofitted from the factory, but the fact that no two Seikos need be the same makes it a choice accessory for horology enthusiasts. By creating one that suits your personal tastes and needs, you can achieve a timeless expression with your Seiko timepiece. If you’re looking for the best Seiko mod parts, SeikoMods is the premier distributor in the UK that you’re looking for. Boasting an extremely diverse collection, there will always be good parts available to personalize and custom build your dream timepiece. Visit our catalog to discover more about the never-ending shelves of Seiko mod parts.

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