What to Expect Out of the Stunning SLGH005 by Grand Seiko

Not too long ago, Grand Seiko introduced the 9SA5, a next-gen high-beat movement used in their expensive gold watches. As such, it was not a movement that was accessible to everyone. Although the movement was later on placed in a stainless-steel version of the watch, it was still a specialty watch. Those who wanted to purchase those watches were disappointed to know that it was a limited-edition watch. However, Grand Seiko later introduced another watch, and a permanent one to add to their collection that features the 9SA5. 

What is this watch, you say? It is the SLGH005, a stunning watch, to say the least. With that said, here is more about the SLGH005 to help you know what you can expect out of this incredible watch.

1. The movement

We have already mentioned that the SLGH005 contains the 9SA5 high-frequency movement. This movement utilizes a dual-impulse escapement to transfer double the energy to the balance. This means much more efficient movement, along with its incredibly high 80-hour power reserve. Thanks to its much thinner profile, the 9SA5 is much thinner than any high-frequency movement that Grand Seiko has developed. This allowed the new watches to be designed thinner, staying trendy and comfortable to wear.

2. The dial

Apart from its fantastic movement, the dial on the SLGH005 is also something to be amazed by. If you have ever seen the Snowflake, another watch by Grand Seiko, you may believe that the SLGH005 is the sequel to it. After all, both feature white dials, and both utilize amazing movement. 

It has been a long-time tradition by Grand Seiko that their designs are to be inspired by nature, and the dials on the SLGH005 did not disappoint. It uses the bark of the white birch trees that grow near Grand Seiko’s studio. The texture on it is one of twisted wood with fine grains showing when looked at incredibly closely. All in all, the dial is stunning to look at and gives the SLGH005 its iconic and natural look.

3. The case

The SLGH005 features an all-new case shape, dubbed by Grand Seiko as the Series 9. While it certainly does look like it borrowed some design inspiration from its other watches, the Series 9’s shape definitely has its uniqueness to it. The Series 9’s design doesn’t only end at just the case, however. It also falls onto the design of the marker and even the hands. That being said, the case itself is designed wide with a low center of gravity. Grand Seiko did this to ensure a comfortable and secure fit on the wearer’s wrist.


If you are interested in getting your hands on an SLGH005, you will have to wait until March 2021. It will not be cheap either, boasting a retail price of approximately $9,000. Regardless, this watch is a technological feat by Grand Seiko, proving to us that what is perfect can still be perfected. 

For Grand Seiko fans around the world, the announcement of the SLGH005 that will be permanently added to the collection is undoubtedly an exciting one. Boasting the incredible movement and a stunning design, it is one watch we know will not disappoint!

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