What to Know about Dealing with a Broken Watch Glass

Whenever we look at our watches, it’s easy to feel a sense of confidence in them that says, “Oh, they’re definitely not going to break.”

Considering the artisanship that went into making your timepiece and the money you paid for it, your expectations for durability are so high to the point where you expect it to be indestructible. However, using your timepiece regularly in various situations and conditions is bound to affirm just how dependable your timepiece can be. This may even go so far as to say that it will outlive your lifetime and stay in perfect condition as well!

Once you’ve fostered a distinct level of confidence in your watch and its ability to last long, it’ll be impossible to even worry about anything happening. However, despite your good faith and complete belief in the fact that your watch is ineffable up to this point, it’s worth noting that it isn’t as immortal as you might think. One such problem that will open your eyes to the reality of your timepiece’s “mortality” is a broken watch glass.

The difficulty of dealing with a broken watch glass 

Even though you’ve probably spent most of your life believing that the crystal encased in your watch’s bezel should also be used in the windows of armored cars, the reality is that it’s still made out of glass. 

Beyond your disbelief over the fact that you were proven wrong, it’s important to understand that this same problem is a greater cause for worry because it can put your watch’s life in danger. Regardless of the state of the breakage, a broken watch glass should always be acted on quickly because taking too long to get a fix will end up costing you as much as a new watch due to:

  • More broken parts
  • Breakage of movements to a point of no return
  • The need for a complete replacement or overhaul of original components

Why do watch glasses break?

Watch glasses usually break because of careless collisions that are rather unforeseen and can cause the crystal itself to deteriorate. Whether it’s a careless doorknob hit, an accident during work, or a fumble during a diving expedition, the likelihood of your timepiece’s transparent top being cracked or shattered will always come from an external factor.

What should you do if your watch glass is broken?
When it comes to taking care of your broken watch glass problem, it’s worth noting that the right course of action depends on the damage that you’re dealing with. If you find yourself dealing with the problem in question and want to nurse your beloved timepiece into picture-perfect shape, here’s what you should do based on the type of damage present:

Smashed glass: Dealing with a smashed watch glass means that you’ll need to act fast because more damage can appear as the hours and days pass. If your watch is in such poor shape, you’ll need to pull out the crown of your watch right away to prevent shards of glass from getting caught up in the movement before you send it over for repairs.

Chipped or cracked glass: While this type of damage may not be as severe, it’s still important to get a watch glass replacement if you begin to see cracks on your timepiece’s face because it can end up smashing over time. As soon as you spot a mild-to-severe crack, all you’ll need to do is pull the assembly apart and pop a new glass in.

While it is good to have a replacement as soon as you see your timepiece’s watch glass in a must-fix state, it’s also worth noting that you can turn a bad situation into a good one by getting a better fix. With a sapphire crystal from SeikoMods, you’ll have a stronger and more attractive option to fill in for your watch’s glass component worth feeling more confident in!


Even though a broken watch glass can bear an understandable level of fright and worrying because of how troubling it can be, the solution is much simpler than you’d expect. Through this guide’s help and the key points mentioned above, you can help ensure that you get your beloved timepiece back to perfect shape in no time! 

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