What to Understand With Seiko Mods and Your Watch Hands

What to Understand With Seiko Mods and Your Watch Hands

Many watch collectors have their say about watch modifications. Some believe that keeping it in its original condition will be the best way of keeping it pristine, while others think that customising some parts of the watches’ features will make the model all the more personal for you.

Seiko mods, in particular, have a very big and supportive community. There are different parts that will help in personalising your model. If it’s your desire to change the look of your watch, the watch hands may have crossed your mind.

Keep reading to understand and learn more about what it would mean to modify the watch hands.

Watch Hands Modification

The watch hands refer to the three strips that help indicate the hours, minutes and seconds on the device. It’s one of the most distinct parts of the watch as it’s what most people watch and pay attention to when they’re trying to tell the time. It also just helps build up the entire Seiko model’s aesthetic from the others.

Seiko particularly has a variety of different watch hands that you can have customised and designed to existing watches that you already have. It can be exciting to explore your options, though there are some considerations that have to be alongside certain problems to mitigate. In order to have an ideal experience while Seiko modding, get in touch with a watch specialist.


When you’re choosing the watch hands for your Seiko mod, it’s best to try and figure out what and how you’re trying to change it. Do you wish to make the model a little more monochromatic in colour? Are you hoping to add a bit of contrast? Do you want the hands to be a little thicker?

To answer these questions, consider the following factors:

  • Appearance. Seiko watch hand sets can come in various shapes and designs, with some a little more distinct. For example, one hand set would sport the Mercedes logo while another would have negative space in a blade shape.
  • Colour. Most people may get a Seiko watch after deciding that they want black watch hands instead of silver or vice versa. Having a Seiko mod can help you ease and have the perfect hue and finish in your watch hands.
  • Size. Speak to a specialist to ensure that you get the right size of watch hand sets for your model. Seiko can be rather uncomplicated as most watch hands are compatible with different series, but it’s best to check in still.


The watch hands are in the very middle of the dial, so it will be very obvious if there are any issues that have to be fixed. The best way of avoiding these mistakes is by taking your watch and getting a Seiko mod at a legitimate watch service.

These are some of the potential issues that you may encounter:

  • Immobile Movement. After the new watch hand set is installed, they should be working just fine. However, it’s best to observe the watch hands for any immobile movement after; this may have been caused by damage during the installation.
  • Misaligned Hands. The watch hand set should be comprised of three different hands to tell the time accurately. However, the seconds hand is subject to getting misaligned, which results in wonky movement. Get it fixed right away.
  • Hand Hesitation. Another damage that you may come across with your watch is when the seconds hand starts ticking late. Even one or two seconds out of sync should be tended to after that.


Seiko mods with a new hand set can be a great way of freshening up the aesthetics of your watch model. At the end of the day though, it’s best to contemplate certain aspects to ensure that your watch will still be intact after modification.
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