What You Need to Know About Lubrication in Watchmaking

Watches are common accessories that allow you to make a bold fashion statement and tell the time accurately. They can also be a valuable investment that can help you earn a huge amount of money. Because of this, you have to prioritize keeping them in good condition and smoothly functioning at all times through lubrication. Learn more about the importance of oiling in watchmaking using this guide.

Why Is Lubrication Important to Watchmaking? 

Watches can gradually start to run slow and lose their accuracy. This indicates that it needs to get oiled. Without proper oil lubrication, it can cause watch mod parts to rub together and dirt to build up. You may also see some pieces to be dry or crusty with old oil, dirt, dust, and even some wear and tear on the metal gears. Therefore, a watch needs regular maintenance. 

Several areas of friction in your timepiece have to be oiled, and more of these parts have to be lubricated if the timepiece has more complications.  Through lubrication, you can reduce friction against rubbing parts, allowing seamless functionality and customization to your liking. 

How Often Should Watch Lubrication Be Performed?

Lubrication for new watches is usually done at scheduled service intervals. For vintage timepieces, they need to be oiled more often because their oil has probably gummed or dried up. If you don’t know when the last service was performed on your watches, opt to have them overhauled. Bring them to professionals to have them disassembled, cleaned, and reoiled according to the manufacturer’s specifications and ensure they perform optimally.

What Are the Common Types of Watch Oilers?

Oilers come in various types. Here are some that can be ideal for your timepieces:

  • Simple oilers 

Simple oilers are common ones that can be found in any watch supply store. For instance, if you have Seiko watch mod parts and have never tried oiling before, get this type of oiler. They are inexpensive, cost-effective, and get the job done.

  • Automatic oilers

Automatic oilers are commonly seen in manufacturers where the watchmakers repeatedly work on the same set of calibers. It lets you dispense a specific amount of oil every time you use it, helping you improve your efficiency and save time. This automatic oiler is ideal for you if you are working on the same movement repeatedly. 

  • Precision tip oilers

Precision tip oilers give you the correct amount of oil consistently and come in various sizes to address different needs. They offer many benefits, but they may seem unnecessary, especially if you are just new to oiling watches.

What Should I Remember About Watch Lubrication?

There is no hard-and-fast rule about oiling watches, but there are recommended procedures worth following. One of these is to do the oiling job right the first time. Cleaning up is time-consuming, which means it’s easier to take your time than completing the task fast and messing it up. You must also ensure that the oil is in the cup and not on top of the cup to avoid unwanted buildup.


Watches require regular maintenance to ensure they perform precisely and optimally, which is why lubrication is essential in watchmaking. When oiling them, remember the information stated in this guide and consider seeking help from trusted professionals. You can also reach out to a reputable supplier for mod parts.

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