What You Need to Know About the Bergeon 6767-F Spring Bar Tool

The metal straps of a watch are typically held in place by two small steel spring-loaded bars that fit between the lugs. These components need to be removed if you want to change the strap. While you don’t necessarily need a dedicated tool, investing in the right spring bar tool can surely make the task much faster and easier. This tool is useful for quickly removing and installing watch straps and avoiding scratching the watch case.

If your watches have metal bracelets, consider buying the Bergeon 6767-F Spring Bar tool. Use this article as your guide to know more about it and determine if this tool is the right one for you.

What Makes This Spring Bar Tool Ideal for Metal Straps?

The 6767-F spring bar tool has a thinner forked tip that lets you easily access the small spring bar openings on the metal bracelets. It also has a pointed tip that allows you to push spring bars through micro-adjust holes on clasps and drilled lugs. If you don’t need a pointed tip, it has both the thin and wide forked tips that can be used to remove leather or rubber and steel bracelets.

What Does the Spring Bar Tool Look Like?

The Bergeon 6767-F comes in a plastic snap closure package. Its handle body is made of one solid piece of stainless steel that is durable and long-lasting. Towards both ends of the body, you can find machined knurled finger grips that let you securely grip the tool. Any unintended movement can lead to scratching the watch case or bracelet, which is why these grips are especially important and useful.

The spring bar tool has one-piece tips made from hardened, tempered steel and flawlessly finished with no rough edges. It has fork and pin tips with a long threaded base that are used to screw into the body. Its long threads are also secured deep into the handle body, making sure the tips can withstand the high pressure and torque needed to remove strong spring bars.

How Do I Use the Spring Bar Tool?

Using this type of spring bar tool is easy and comfortable, even on a regular basis. It has a high-precision forked tip that lets you firmly grip the flange so you can ease it out of the lug hole without slipping. 

You can expect the forked tip to be high-quality as it is made from machined, hardened, tempered steel. During use, the tips don’t unscrew themselves loose from the handle body. They remain attached, and you don’t have to worry about them turning or falling out. Therefore, you are assured that you get what you pay for, which means this tool will last you a lifetime.


Your watch requires excellent care to ensure it works optimally and lasts for years to come, and that is why you have to invest in the right tools, like the Swiss-made Bergeon 6767-F spring bar tool. It is the most popular watchmaking and repair tool available in the market and a worthwhile investment for a watch owner like you. By investing in it, you can change your watch bracelet or strap without hassle. 

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