Why is Seiko a Popular Choice for Modding Watches

What Does Modding Mean?

Mod is shorthand for “modifying.” This fun terminology is used by watch enthusiasts who love to modify their watch and change its physical appearance by switching out its parts. There is a thriving community of tinkerers who take matters into their own hands and redesign watches to suit their unique style.

Almost every external part of the watch can be modded out for another, from the case to the dial to the band. There are endless possibilities when it comes to modding watches.

Why is Seiko the Ideal Brand For Modding?

Seiko shows plenty of love to their modding community. They have many watches that are mod-friendly. Most of them are affordable, too, so they’re beginner-friendly in case you’re worried about ruining an expensive watch. 

The best watch to mod in their catalogue is Seiko SKX007. The runner-ups are the Seiko Turtles. These watches are known for how easy they are to mod. 

Seiko is the best brand for modding because of the sheer amount of mod parts available in the market. From dials to crystals to bezels to bands, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to features. You’re almost guaranteed to find the perfect mod piece for your dream design.

Why Should I Mod My Watch?

Modding isn’t necessary for a watch to function. But like many things in life, we do what is unnecessary to make what was once old and dull fun and inspiring again. You’d be surprised how much visual impact even simply changing the colour of your watch’s band can have. 

Modding lets you represent your favourite sports team on your wrist. It allows you to let your personality shine. It gives you an artistic outlet. It gives you control over the image you project. And it’s a fun conversation starter.

Lastly, modding is just good fun. Planning and coming up with your own design gives you space to be creative and clever. And there’s something deeply satisfying about working with your hands, pulling something apart, and piecing it back together.

Two Types of Modding

With the modding world being so vast, it is easy to become overwhelmed. It can be hard to know where to start. Don’t worry; there are only two major types of modding.

  • Subtle Modding

This type of modding is beginner-friendly. It involves swapping out just a few aspects of the watch. As the name suggests, the changes won’t be bombastic. You’re not turning your watch into the Ship of Theseus. You’re just shaking things up with a few parts here and there to make your watch feel more like your own.

For example, you could swap out the crystal for one that has a more drastic dome. Or perhaps you want to replace the plain bezel with one with more flair.

  • Overhaul Modding

Overhaul modding is the more involved type of modding. This entails completely altering the watch’s aesthetic. If you go this route, your watch will be completely unique and unrecognisable compared to the one off the rack.


Watch modding is a fulfilling hobby for watch enthusiasts. And if you’re a Seiko fan, you’re well set to jump headfirst into it. There’s plenty of support from the brand itself and the bustling community of modders. 

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