Why Is the Seiko SKX the Best Entry-Level Mechanical Watch?

A timepiece can seem like a simple addition to your outfit. However, it does more than highlight your accessories and attire. Wearing it is a status symbol or even a reflection of your creativity. This is why modding mechanical watches has been a popular practice for generations.

The Seiko SKX debuted in 1996, making it the go-to option for collectors of mechanical watches and the modding community. With its unique properties and compatibility with a wide range of parts, it’s considered the best entry-level mechanical watch to tinker and experiment with.

What Makes a Seiko SKX Special?

On its own, the Seiko SKX is classified as a high-functioning diver with over two hundred-meter water resistance. Unlike most budget watches, its unidirectional 120-click bezel offers half-minute increments. It also boasts 40 hours of power and showcases a smoother second hand than standard quartz watches.

What Are Popular Seiko SKX Watches?

The SKX007 ranks as the most popular among the Seiko SKX series, with its 43-millimeter black dial and bezel version being an iconic Submariner homage. It’s been so popular that collectors have carefully followed this model’s releases in different variants.

Another popular spinoff of the 007 model is the SKX013, which is simply a 37-millimeter version of the 007’s 43-millimeter build. It’s specifically a North American black dial watch, signified by its lollipop hand and harder-edged indices. Besides the professional look of formal black dials, the SKX series boasts vibrant colors with its SKX011 Seiko “Candy Corn” variant or the limited edition SKX009 Pepsi bezel type.

On the notion of region-specific releases, there are also variants among SKX watches, being the SKX-J and SKX-K series. Seiko SKX watches that end with the letter J are marked for being sold to Japan’s domestic market. On the other hand, Seiko SKX watches ending with the letter K are meant for an international market. This allows the buyer to trace its roots or manufacturing from Malaysia, Singapore, or South Korea. Although this series is no longer in production, numerous retailers and resellers of the Seiko SKX.

Why Should I Start Modding with a Seiko SKX Watch?

There’s a good reason why the watch modding community considers the Seiko SKX a decent introduction to amateur modders. It highlights maximum performance and endurance while making it extremely versatile as a modding base. Additionally, it’s a great mechanical watch to start with if you’re not willing to spend too much.

Keep in mind that modding watches can be an expensive hobby, especially if your base is already a costly investment. This is where the Seiko SKX series offers a great benefit to aspiring modders. However, that doesn’t mean you should settle for cheap bases.

For example, Seiko 5 SRPD watches offer a similar design and are significantly cheaper than an SKX series watch. However, it lacks an SKX’s water resistance functionality, which is vital if you’re going for durability and functionality. You can easily buy an SKX007 around the 350-400 dollar range. Style-wise, its replaceable dial is compatible with almost any strap.


Modding a timepiece is an exciting hobby that anyone can enjoy. With the many ways you can modify your mechanical watch, you’ll have endless opportunities to create custom builds. Thankfully, you don’t have to shop from numerous vendors to find the right parts to tinker with.

Modding your new mechanical watch is a lot more fun if you have the right parts to customize your build. At SeikoMods, we carry the largest collection of Seiko mod parts in the United Kingdom. Check out our online store for thousands of mod parts today!

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