Why the Seiko SKX Is the Best Entry-Level Mechanical Beater?

SKXJ vs SKXK - Source: Watch Gecko

Watches aren’t just an accessory. In terms of style, they can take a look to a whole new level, completing the ensemble. And in terms of functionality, watches not only tell time efficiently, but some even come with a bunch of helpful features. Watches have truly evolved throughout the decades and yet remain timeless. 

If you’re just starting out your interest in watches or simply getting one for practical purposes, you would want to get something reliable. It’s essential to find the right balance of quality and price when choosing your first watch. Thankfully, there are a lot of cool watches that fit into this category. One such watch is the Seiko SKX.

Seiko as One of the Go-To Brands

Seiko is one of the world’s leading watch brands, offering various watches from affordable to luxury. It is dedicated to perfecting watches by focusing on innovation and quality craftsmanship. Among its many collections, the SKX series stands out as one of the best entry-level mechanical beaters. 

Here are some reasons the Seiko SKX is a highly regarded watch. 

Seiko SKX Watches Are Affordable

For the quality they offer, Seiko SKX watches are pretty affordable. The price ranges anywhere from $300 to $500. We know this might not seem as inexpensive as one might expect. However, for a watch in its level and range, it’s quite a steal. For that amount of money, you get a highly accurate mechanical movement with high water resistance. It also offers high luminosity and great style. 

Seiko SKX Watches Are ISO-Certified

One of the best things about the Seiko SKX is its high durability. On the outside, the watch is protected by a robust stainless steel construction and scratch-resistant crystal. But what’s remarkable about the Seiko SKX is actually what’s found inside the watch.

Its 7S26 caliber is ISO-certified and features Seiko’s patented Diashock protection system. For those not familiar with the ISO, they are the International Organization for Standardization. When a watch is ISO-certified, it has passed intensive quality testing and met the ISO standards. 

For example, since the watch’s rotor is designed to take on even the most severe shocks, it has easily passed the test for shock resistance. And for dive watches, the testing includes being subjected to 25 percent more depth pressure than its rating. So even though the Seiko SKX watches have a 200-meter water-resistance rating, they can actually survive up to 250 meters.

If this is a testament to how durable these watches are when under water pressure, imagine how long they’ll last on regular use. 

Seiko SKX Watches Are Stylish

Although the watch’s primary function is to tell time, style is still a crucial element. Thankfully, the Seiko SKX watches hold a timeless look that can’t go wrong. These versatile watches can go with almost anything in your wardrobe, from a simple shirt and jeans to a sleek business casual look.


A watch is more than just an accessory; it’s an investment. And the Seiko SKX is truly an investment worth making. For the amazing quality it offers, the watch is pretty affordable. Its classic look also makes it stylish and versatile. Overall, the Seiko SKX watches are perhaps the best entry-level mechanical beaters in the market. 

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