Why the Seiko SRPD is One of the Brand’s Best Watches

Seiko timepieces are widely recognized to be one of the best in the world. What had humble beginnings as clockwork has transformed into a horological titan over the last century, providing consumers with the most attractive watches around at an affordable price. Even though they’re consumer-friendly, these timepieces are nothing to scoff at or even be considered cheap quality. With its superior build quality, excellent features, and the brand’s reliable reputation, you’ll be guaranteed a superb watch regardless of what you pick.

As many people have reluctantly bid goodbye to Seiko’s SKX007 line, they have quickly begun speculating on what Japanese watchmaker had up their sleeves. The brand launched five watches shortly after that, named the Seiko 5, made up of five lines: Sense, Street, Suits, Specialist, and Sports. 

The Initial Shock of the SKX Discontinuation

Seiko’s millions of fans were understandably shocked when the brand discontinued its ever-popular SKX line, as it made up a significant portion of sales every year. However, Seiko looked at the bigger picture. They already had many dive watches with excellent technology, although the cheaper but just as functional SKX tended to overshadow it.

To resolve this, the company decided to launch a line of watches that could further cement its position as an innovative, revolutionary watch company. It was a surprising, daring move, which disappointed consumers who wanted to get their hands on an SKX. 

Subverting Expectations with the SRPD

However, the SKX wasn’t totally gone. The Seiko SRPD, under the 5 Sports line, was compatible with many Seiko mod parts that could help consumers replicate the level of luxury and comfort they wanted in an SKX. Despite this, many people initially thought that the SRPD wasn’t as great as an SKX because it had fewer features and different underwater capabilities. Despite this, it remained a highly functional and capable watch that looks and feels incredible.

Although people may have wanted the Seiko SRPD to sport the same underwater features as the SKX007, the truth is that most people rarely used the discontinued line to go more than 200 meters below the surface. In fact, Seiko’s other watches go even deeper. While it may not be as big and bulky as the SKX007, the SRPD is a slightly smaller but equally sturdy watch. It’s more affordable than the SKX, but you’ll have the same access to Seiko mod parts since it is a drop-in fit, save for the crown and stems. Fathers can also get this watch as a present for their children, as it’s tough enough to withstand regular beatings.

A Beginner-Friendly SKX007

While many people mourned the loss of the SKX007, Seiko’s other watches—including the SRPD—have proven themselves to be just as good or even better. Even though they’re mass-produced, they never skimp out on quality; in fact, you probably can’t find any other brand that overshadows Seiko in value for money. 

With the SRPD, Seiko sought to fill a gap in the market for luxurious-looking yet sturdy watches that were a bit smaller, fulfilling a need its other models couldn’t. It also serves as a gateway product into Seiko’s other products, making it a strategic timepiece.


The Seiko SRPD didn’t release with too much fanfare, but it has proven itself repeatedly that its fantastic features and top-tier qualities make it worthy of the Seiko name. It’s ideal for beginners who want to explore the wonderful world of horology without breaking the bank. With Seiko’s experience cultivated over a century, it’s safe to say that all their decisions are backed by the right training and knowledge, which means they’re always coming up with something exciting.
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