Your Basic Modding Tools for Seiko and Other Watches

Customizing your watch to fit your style and personality is a great way to pass the time. If you’ve been stuck inside for a while, modding Seiko watches is a great hobby to pick up. To build your dream mod, you’re going to have to invest in a couple of tools that were made specifically for this practice. Using any other tool can damage your watch if you lose control. Here are a few essential modding tools that you can easily find in good shops online.

The Basic Tools for Watch Modding


Tweezers reach the tight and small areas that you can’t access. You can also use them to install a gasket on your bezel. Your average bathroom tweezer can work just fine, just as long as they feel comfortable for you to use. Avoid the tweezers with magnetic ends on them so you won’t cause any damage to the other parts of your watch.

Movement Holder

The Movement Holder is an essential tool for modding that everyone should have. These steadily hold down your watch’s body while you work on them. This ensures that your handy work is precise. Invest in a great holder with just the right amount of strength and adjustable screws that twist without too much strain. 

Crystal Press

If you’re a fan of sparkly watches, then you’re going to need a good crystal press that can install them precisely in the exact spots you envision them to go to. But if you have crystals in the wrong places or just aren’t a fan of that style, crystal presses can also remove them. 

Crystal presses are also capable of removing bezels. The most common type of crystal press that is worth the investment is the screw-down type. With this type of press, you can do more precise work.

Caseback Remover

As suggested in its name, this tool removes the case from the back of the watch. Removing the back of the case is precise and delicate work since this case is what protects the watch externally. It is crucial to return them to their original place undamaged. 

Good case back openers should have adjustable tips for them to accommodate different types of watches.

Bezel Remover Tool

This tool is used to wedge in between the watch’s bezel and case. A good bezel remover is thin enough to get into the tight space but strong enough to pry it open. 

Spring bar remover

Spring bars are small bars that hold the watch straps in place. If you want to take them out, make use of a spring bar remover. It will help pop them right off carefully with the straps still in place.


Modding watches as a hobby has been rising in popularity in recent years, especially today when people have a lot more time on their hands. Without the proper tools, you are most likely to lose your patience and may end up destroying a perfectly working Seiko watch. Ensure that you have all your devices and parts ready to get into it the right way.

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