What to Know about Seiko Mods: Is it Still Worth It in 2023?

A Seiko mod is an aftermarket customisation of a Seiko watch. Seiko watches are a well-known Japanese watchmaker, and their watches are highly regarded for their durability, accuracy and classic aesthetic. Modding a Seiko watch can make it more personally unique and improve its performance.

The most common way to mod a Seiko watch is to change the dial and hands to make it look different. This can involve swapping out the stock components for different colours, styles or materials. It can also involve adding or removing elements such as a date window or day-of-week indicator. The watch’s case, bezel and strap can also be changed to customise the look further.

In addition to aesthetic modifications, Seiko mods can also involve performance enhancements. The most common performance enhancement is to change out the movement. 

Seiko watches come with a wide variety of movements, and they can be swapped out for higher-end movements to provide better accuracy and reliability. Other performance enhancements include adding a new crystal to the watch or replacing the existing crystal with a sapphire or other scratch-resistant material.

Of course, nowadays, mods are not that popular anymore, or are they still worth it? Let’s discuss it!

How Much Does It Cost to Do a Seiko Mod?

Doing a Seiko mod can be an exciting and rewarding experience for any watch enthusiast. But how much does it cost to do a Seiko mod? That’s a great question; the answer is not simple. 

The cost of doing a Seiko mod can vary greatly depending on the type of mod you’re looking to do. There are various Seiko mods, ranging from simple cosmetic changes like swapping out the bezel or dial to more complex modifications like adding a custom movement or adding new complications. 

The cost of the mod will depend on the parts used and the amount of time and labour required to complete the mod. For instance, if you’re looking for a simple cosmetic change like swapping out the bezel or dial, you can likely find the parts needed for a few hundred dollars or less. 

However, the cost could be significantly higher if you want to do a more complex mod, like adding a custom movement or new complications. 

Is the Mod Community Still Growing?

The Seiko Mod community has grown steadily recently, adding new members and watching projects daily. One of the main reasons for this is the availability of parts and tools to customise Seiko watches. These parts and tools are readily available online and in stores, making it easy for Seiko modders to get the necessary parts to customise their watches.

In addition to the availability of parts and tools, the Seiko Mod community is also constantly growing because of its passionate and dedicated members. Seiko modders are passionate about their craft and take great pride in creating unique watches. This passion and dedication drive the Seiko Mod community to grow and expand.

Is It Still Worth It to Do Seiko Mods in 2023?

The short answer is yes—mods are still an excellent way to customise your watch and give it a unique look. With so many different modding options, you can make your Seiko watch your own. You can choose from various bezels, dials, and hands, or you can go all out and add a new movement or case to your watch. You can create a truly one-of-a-kind watch with the right parts and patience.

The Bottom Line

Seiko mods offer a unique opportunity for watch enthusiasts to create their dream watch. You can create a watch tailored to your tastes with a wide selection of parts and customisation options. 

Whether looking for a classic, vintage style or a modern, contemporary look, mods can provide you with the perfect watch. With a variety of colours and materials, you can create a watch that is truly one of a kind. 

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